Audrina Patridge has a few things to get off her chest.

The reality starlet, 26, tells The Daily that plastic surgery rumors bug her -- and indirectly blames former Hills castmate Heidi Montag, who famously underwent over a dozen procedures in 2009.

"They always ask me about that because of Heidi and there's all these rumors and they all say I've had, like, six procedures," Patridge tells the site. "And I'm, like, 'Where do you get that?' Look at the pictures. I fluctuate in weight a lot. And as far as my face, I'd never had anything done."

Patridge got quiet when asked about rumored breast surgery.

"I don't like to talk about that," she says, before explaining an unusual deformity.

"Well, see I have this chest problem. My bone right here, it's higher on this side? It's pectoralis something," she explains. "So I've always struggled with that. You could see they look different sizes all the time."

(Patridge doesn't go into any more detail about her "chest problem.")

Meanwhile, she also confirms to The Daily that her VH1 series, Audrina, is probably done for.

"No, I don't think we are [returning for a second season]," Patridge revealed. "We finished in April and I kind of decided I wanted to take some time off from reality. I want to do something more like acting or hosting."

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